Hi! I’m Maira (may-ruh, pronouns: they/them), and I’m the creator of the Long Arm Stapler podcast, a zine maker and compiler (Karaoke Zine, Zine of the Hill), and a general arts & crafts enthusiast. I used to help organize the East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest (EBABZ), and founded and organize Bay Area Queer Zine Fest (BAQZF). The Long Arm Stapler podcast just finished its third “season” and is available where you stream your podcasts. While I am still fielding interview inquiries, I am not currently recording new episodes (yet).

When I’m not thinking or talking about zines, I’m probably sewing!

I recently hit “go-go-go” on starting my own press, Flood of Feelings, where I aim to produce zines “for queer and trans crybabies.” All the zines published will be perzines of some form. First compilation forthcoming!

Here are some recent things I’ve been working on:

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